About CitrusLearning Systems


a. A six-year journey; cross industry experience

CitrusLearning was founded in the year 2010 by Jerson James, an industry veteran with over twenty-one years of work experience, including fourteen years of core training and consulting experience.

Over the years, Jerson and CitrusLearning have served close to sixty organisations, across industry verticals.

b. Expertise in Management of the Entire Blended Learning Architecture

Successfully executing the Blended Learning architecture requires a multiplicity of disciplines and competencies.

Specifically, the prime requirement for success is a team of highly skilled:











The absence of any of these disciplines will compromise any blended learning intervention.

 We at CitrusLearning are proud to state that over the past six years, we’ve assembled an in-house team of top-notch professionals across the disciplines listed above.

The kudos we’ve received and the successes that we’ve experienced TESTIMONIAL stand testament to the skill and dedication of CitrusLearning’s in-house team of experts.

c. Evolved, Automated Technology to Power the Blended Learning Intervention

Successful execution of the blended learning intervention is predicated upon a strong Learning Management System (LMS) that is automated to carry out a host of related tasks.

Specifically, the following are some of the tasks that the LMS must be automated to perform:

  1. Manage all participant communication
  2. Manage ‘Drip-feed’ lessons
  3. Track lesson completion
  4. Follow-up with participants who haven’t completed lessons (via email)
  5. Grade participants on the online lessons (via tests at the end of each online lesson)
  6. Track completion of action learning projects
  7. Generate reports on lesson completion and points attained by participants
  8. Enable the creation of  communities, where participants can interact with each other, programme faculty, the HR or L&D Team (you) and (your) leadership teams
  9. Allow you (our client) to communicate with programme participants



The degree of automation and the robustness of the system are critical to eliminating manual interventions and overall intervention success.

We at CitrusLearning are proud to announce that our LMS is optimised to manage all of the above-mentioned tasks, among others.


d. Successful implementation of blended learning programmes

We have successfully executed multiple blended learning programmes, many of them simultaneously.

Please click here TESTIMONIAL to read what our clients have to say about us and our interventions.


e. Our service guarantee


All our services come with an in-built, iron-clad guarantee: if you are dissatisfied with our services, then you get a full refund of any advances you might have paid us (minus any direct expenses like server set up, printing, etc.,).

You are assured of the very best we have to offer…and always with a smile!