Interpersonal Skills Programmes


Interpersonal Skills Programmes

One’s Emotional Quotient (EQ), a fancy phrase for people skills, as research seems to say, is far more important than one’s IQ for one’s career success.

But what exactly might the components of EQ be? And how does one improve one’s EQ?

Take our Interpersonal Skills suite of programmes to learn how exactly.

From us to you on this one, get your employees to take these programmes and we’re sure they’ll turbocharge their EQ development!

Programmes Available

     Number of Micro-Lessons  Course Duration
1. Sway! Influencing Without Power 7 70 mins
2. Assertiveness Skills 8 90 mins
3. Tact! Conversational Intelligence in Navigating Difficult Situations 8 90 mins
4. Critical Conversation Skills 7 70 mins
5. Conflict Management Skills 8 90 mins