My fears at the start of the training

Now, at the start of the workshop, I was wondering if this would be one of those run-of-the-mill trainings. But as time progressed, and Jerson from CitrusLearning started taking us through the various modules, I learned a ton of things, each of which I found to be sound and practically implementable.

One of the things that I learned in the workshop that I attended, and used recently, was how to handle objections around pricing and terms of service.

Where I used the training

I had pitched to the CEO of an organization in the Digital Learning space who had also been approached by some other international biggies. Using the lessons learned in the workshop, I closed the sale at price that was 50% higher than one of my two competitors, and 25% higher than the next one. Meaning they were offering their service cheaper. But I closed the deal at terms that were favourable to my organisation.

The lessons I learned (and have used)

It was the learning on how to get the prospect to focus first on value, before doing the math around pricing that helped me the most in this deal.

There were a whole lot of other inputs that I received that I could take back ad use in my workplace. Things like bucketing, advancing the sale, how to present a value proposition etc.

About the training

The training itself was engaging and high-energy. Even the session immediately after the lunch break – and it was a heavy lunch we had at the hotel we were having the training at – was high on energy.

I recommend CitrusLearning

Jerson/CitrusLearning’s trainings are deep, practical and highly engaging. I would definitely recommend them.