Traditional training formats are proving increasingly ineffective

(Presenting, Blended Format Leadership Development Solutions)

a. Traditional training methods are proving ineffective in building skills that endure

Mastery in any discipline requires developmental inputs to be fed sequentially, and for the messages to be reinforced consistently.

Traditional classroom or e-learning, which are largely one-time ‘events’, are ineffective in accompanying pupils on a journey to mastery.

    b. Learner attention spans are shrinking; large format learning is falling out of favour

    2People’s attention spans are dwindling. The advent of digital platforms like YouTube, WhatsApp & twitter has created a generation of professionals who are accustomed to consuming information in bite-sized bits and in engaging media formats (viz., video, infographics).

    These professionals are increasingly demanding that learning inputs be similarly provided in bite-sized bits and interesting formats. They tend to shun large format classroom and clunky e-learning programmes.

    c. Training often generates great reviews, but is soon forgotten, and consequently fails to demonstrate value

    People attend trainings, provide glowing reviews about the session, but then largely forget the lessons learned.  Participants then revert to the methods that they had always employed in the past.

    Training, consequently, is neither seen by senior management as bringing about much change, nor adding much value to the organisation. Little wonder then that the training budget ends up being among the first that is trimmed in times of economic duress.

     So, how can Learning and Development address these challenges effectively?


    1. Engage your learners
    2. Build enduring skills
    3. Ensure implementation
    4. Demonstrate impact

    With almost zero work for you

    Solution Overview

    CitrusLearning blended learning solutions comprise the following elements:

    Benefits to You

    CitrusLearning Blended Learning Solutions™ are designed to help overcome the challenges that you in L&D face.  Our solutions:

    Provide learning support for the length of the participants’ skill development journey 

    > Are bite-sized and engaging

    Completion rates for our lessons are consistently upwards of 90%

    > Are implemented

    Implementation is an integral part of the solution design, is tracked, assessed and data on which is gathered.

    > Involve learning impact studies

    Knowledge change assessment

    Implementation of learning

    Impact of implementation (in most cases)

    > Allows you to focus on more important matters

    Our automated systems and support teams take care of all design, delivery, assessments, tracking, communication and reporting related activities for you. Your involvement is required primarily during the design and feedback stages of the intervention.

    How Our Solutions Provide Maximum Impact!

    Growth in mastery, as we have noted earlier, is a journey and necessitates sustained developmental inputs. Our learning architecture, which embraces a multiplicity of learning formats, is automated using our Cloud LMS and managed by our in-house team is geared for maximum impact.

    Here are a few features of the elements that comprise our learning architecture and how they help ensure impact:

    1. Industry specific learning content to ensure relevance

    One of the crucial elements on which learning stands or falls on is the relevance of the learning content to the learner’s work environment. We endeavor to demonstrate how the learning impacted can be implemented in the content of your unique industry environment.

    Our assessment to generate participant interest in the intervention and generate data on programme effectiveness

    Our online tests and survey tools help participants gauge how they stack up against the desired ideal with respect to the subject of the training. This provides participants with a metaphorical mirror, encouraging self-evaluation  and creates a desire in participants for the ensuing learning.  Participants, we have observed, greatly appreciate this feedback.

    The tools also help us generate pre-and-post-workshop data on skill levels, participant behavior, learning implementation and change.

    2. Bite-sized, pre-and-post workshop online lessons that engage and accompany the learner on the path to mastery

    Our online lessons:

    1. Form part of the pre- and/or post classroom learning process
    2. Cover the concepts that the classroom session and the action learning projects are based on
    3. Are three-six minutes in duration each (meaning, they are optimized for the modern-day learner)
    4. Embrace engaging media formats (video, slide decks, infographics, podcasts, interactive media, etc.)
    5. Test participants to assess how well they have assimilated the learning

    3. Short duration, action packed classroom sessions that focus on skill development and planning the implementation of the behaviours discussed

    Our classroom sessions:

    1. Are 1.5 to 4 hours in duration (our participants especially appreciate the brief nature of these sessions)
    2. Are focused on skill development
    3. Focus on developing detailed implementation plans
    4. Involve identifying and finding workarounds to lesson implementation

    4. Action learning projects to ensure that skills learned are transferred to the work floor

    The action learning project is an integral part of the learning architecture and certification process. It is designed to ensure that participants use the lessons shared online and in the classroom session in the context of their own work.

    1. Data around the implementation of the projects is submitted on the LMS (read the next point for details on our LMS)
    2. The completion data provided by participants is validated and then graded by CitrusLearning’s delivery team

    5. Cloud LMS to auto-manage the entire learning architecture

         Our cloud Learning Management System is automated to:

    1. Manage all participant communication
    2. Manage ‘Drip-feed’ lessons
    3. Track lesson completion
    4. Follow-up with participants who haven’t completed lessons (via email)
    5. Grade participants on the online lessons (via tests at the end of each online lesson)
    6. Track completion of the action learning project
    7. Generate reports on lesson completion and points attained by participants
    8. Allow you (our client) to communicate with programme participants Etc.

    6. An in-house team of highly competent learning & development professionals to develop, deliver, and manage the learning architecture

    Ensuring that the learning architecture is a success requires a team of highly competent professionals. Our in-house team of professionals comprise:

    • Content & Instructional Design experts
    • Trainers
    • Creative content developers
    • Information Technology and Web Development experts

    Our past successes are all down to the capabilities and dedication shown by our team.

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    To know more

    To know more about our services, please do get in touch with us.

    + 91 98201 96121 (ask for Jerson James)


    Fill in our contact form, and we’ll get in touch with you. Click here.