I thought I was doing everything correct

As I had given several presentation to the internal and external customers in the companies I worked, I thought that I was doing everything correct; until I went through the ‘Business Presentation Training’ conducted by Jerson James.

What I learnt

I learnt about the importance of profiling the audience, how to choose the right data and the common mistakes that we make during presentations. After the training I learnt that slides are just a tool that helps in presentation and I should be the center of the whole presentation.

I’m receiving kudos from all

Now my approach to presentation has totally changed and presentations have become a whole lot of fun. My senior and colleagues have appreciated the change in approach and my newly acquired skills.

My American Clients loved my presentation

Recently I presented on ‘Enterprise Application Data Archival Solution’, a technical topic to my Clients of America. The feedback I received from them was excellent. They loved my presentation!