Advanced Business Presentation Skills Programmes


Advanced Business Presentation Skills Programmes

How do you craft a great story; one that’s tailored for your audience? How do you convert a mound of data into a compelling, engaging and easy-to-understand story? How do you create visually stunning, but dignified slides? How do you deliver your presentation for impact? A whole lot of questions. Fortunately, we answer them all for you in these power-packed and engaging set of programmes.

We’ve often been told that our trainings on this topic are the best people have ever attended.

We’re sure you’d agree.

Programmes Available

     Number of Micro-Lessons  Course Duration
1. Advanced Presentation Content Development and Structuring Skills 7 80 mins
2. Advanced Business PowerPoint Skills: Developing Visually Representative Slides 5 60 mins
3. Advanced Presentation Delivery (Public Speaking) Skills 6 60 mins